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Canada to announce more permanent residence pathways


Sriansh Fernando

They provide high-quality services at a very reasonable amount. I am glad I chose to work with ImmigToronto for my Express Entry Program application.

Abraham Reyes

I was going to apply for a work visa and then try to gain permanent residency when ImmigToronto explained that I could gain Canada PR much faster through the Express Entry Program. Very thankful that they told me that and helped me with my application and documents.

Asnee Saetang

I’m really happy I chose to use the immigration services of ImmigToronto. It made my immigration process to Canada really easy.

Saanvi Kumara

My consultant from ImmigToronto kept in touch with me for the entire application process. I was very happy with their services. They truly are the best in immigration consultancy. I would recommend ImmigToronto to anyone looking to migrate to Canada and get permanent residence there.

Kamnan Chen

After my experience with ImmigToronto, I would suggest you make use of their Express Entry services. In fact, do not take the risk of not using their expert consultation and then regretting losing your chance of a permanent residence in Canada.

Barbara Bautista

I know there are many who claim they can assist you with your dream of migrating and becoming a permanent resident of Canada. Many of these may be scams. But ImmigToronto is legitimate and very good at what they do. In fact, they are the best in Express Entry Immigration consultancy services. I can say that with determination because of the service I received from them.

Aayansh Perera

When I took the help of ImmigToronto, the Express Entry application process did not seem like a burden at all. They took over the application process in a stride and I was confident that my information was in safe hands.  They quelled all my doubts within a few hours. With their expert and professional help, my Express Entry application got accepted, that too with a high score!! And I am another one of their happy customers. I would strongly recommend to use these services of ImmigToronto to help you with your Express Entry process.

Am Banh

I was contacted by ImmigToronto when I was looking for help with my Express Entry pool. I was a little skeptical, but they shared the license number of the person they represent. I verified their information from Canada’s official Government website and then I was sure it was not a scam. And I am glad I took their services. The process looks tedious, but doing it alone is an ordeal. Do yourself a favour and use ImmigToronto. You will not regret it.

Caesar Gonzales

If anyone has doubts regarding ImmigToronto, I suggest you give them a call. You can ask all the questions you want and they will prove to you that they are the best. Because they are truly very good at Express Entry Program. You should absolutely use the services of ImmigToronto.

Chien Lien

I was very pleased with the services of ImmigToronto. Keep up the good work guys!!

Dao Saelim

I did my research on the Express Entry procedure and thought that I could apply for Canada PR on my own. Turns out I was wrong. The whole process and all the little details to take care of soon got the best of me. I was exhausted and could not keep my online profile active. Then a colleague recommended ImmigToronto. I think the fact that I am now a Canadian citizen is proof enough of their expertise.

Bao Cam

Someone from ImmigToronto was always in contact with me for the entire Express Entry process, from beginning to end. Thank you for all your help.

Kiyansh Dissanayake

These guys are really the best Express Entry Program consultation. The experts at ImmigToronto are even aware of the latest changes and improvements made in the Express Entry Program so you know that your Canadian immigration and citizenship are in safe hands.

Alexia Valencia

When I first applied for Canada PR and didn’t get it, I had invested a lot of money in the process that I lost. The 2nd time I decided not to take any risk and take the help of ImmigToronto. And I got my money’s worth.

Chaisee Chen

I first thought I would get a work visa, but when ImmigToronto told me that I could become a permanent resident of Canada, I could not believe it. They explained the Express Entry Program and how I qualified for applying. In this program, your application will get a score out of 100. With the help of ImmigToronto, my score was high and I got invited to apply for Citizenship.

Binh Chiem

I found the documentation of the Express Entry Program very thorough but very confusing. It also was hard to keep a track of all the deadlines and timelines. The expert from ImmigToronto made sure all my documents and files were right and he kept track of all the deadlines for me. This really made the immigration process smooth sailing.

Dai Luc

I was not aware that I could apply under the Express Entry Program through my Provincial Nominee Program. If it wasn’t for their expert services, I could still be waiting for my Canadian citizenship.

Baron Del Rosario

I could easily check their information online, as well as match the license of the person they represent on the Canadian government website. With so many fraud schemes, I am glad I found ImmigToronto, a company I could trust with my Express Entry application.

Avyukt Bandara

ImmigToronto made the entire process very easy for me. Continue the great service guys!!

Kaew Wang

I first hired a local consultant to help me with my Express Entry application. It did not go well. Then a friend, who is now settled in Canada, suggested I use ImmigToronto. The fact that my application scores high and I am soon going to gain Canada PR is all thanks to their help.

Aman Sharma

The process is a bit time consuming but the staff is really helpful and dedicated to their clients. A friend suggested to me and I made a good decision by choosing ImmigToronto.

Hanyu Pinyin

I’m happy to be helped by ImmigToronto. I was looking for an opportunity to live and work in Canada. I’m very thankful to ImmigToronto.

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