Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program – SINP

Saskatchewan is one of the provinces that you can discover in the Western part of Canada. It is one of the most rapidly developing populations and economies that you can find within the country as well. This fact is made true due to the increasing number of immigrants to Saskatchewan from all parts of the world. If you are a person who is looking forward to immigration to Canada under the Express Entry program, you are strongly encouraged to have a look at the Saskatchewan program as well. Then you can get a better understanding of the possibilities that you have in order to come and settle down in Canada. This can help you to start a new life in Canada with minimum hassle. 

The economy of Saskatchewan is primarily based upon agriculture. Along with that, you will also be able to discover a few other industries in the Saskatchewan state, which are governed by fishing and forestry. Saskatchewan has got two major cities. They include Regina and Saskatoon. 

What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program? 

The Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program, which is also known as Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program SINP Canada is the program where skilled and experienced immigrants are targeted by the province to welcome them to come to the state and contribute towards the economy. They will be provided with the Saskatchewan provincial nomination certificate to come and work for the state of Saskatchewan. They will be able to use that and apply for permanent residency in Canada via IRCC. 

Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program SINP Canada is accepting applications from people under three categories. Those three categories are as follows. 

  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category. 
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category. 
  • International Skilled Worker Category. 

In each of these categories, you will be able to find several other sub-categories as well. Keep on reading and you will be able to get some extra information about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. 

International Skilled Worker Category 

InternationalSkilled Worker Category is the most prominent category that you can find inside the Saskatchewan immigrant nomination program. You can go through the skilled occupations list and see if you have any experience with any of the listed occupations during the past 10 years. If so, you will be able to receive an invitation to go ahead and apply. 

International Skilled Worker Employment Offer is one of the most prominent sub-categories that you can discover inside this program. This sub-category is dedicated to skilled workers, who have a job offer from one of the Saskatchewan employers. 

Likewise, you can find the occupations in demand category as well. There is a labor shortage for some of the jobs that you can find within the Saskatchewan state. In order to cater to the shortage of employees for those job opportunities, the Saskatchewan occupations in demand category have been created. If you are a person who has experience in any of the listed jobs in demand, you can go ahead and apply for it. Then you can receive a provincial nomination and get your permanent residency in Canada with ease. 

Saskatchewan Experience Category 

The Saskatchewan experience category is designed for the beneficiary of all the foreign workers who are living in Saskatchewan as of now. This category is accepting people to apply under several subcategories. If you have an existing work permit, you will be able to apply under the Saskatchewan experience category. On the other hand, Saskatchewan is open to health professionals as well. If you are a person who has worked as a physician or a nurse in Saskatchewan for the past six months, you can proceed with this. 

Likewise, there is a possibility for a person who has worked in the hospitality industry of Saskatchewan, such as a chef, food counter attendant, cleaning staff and kitchen helper in Saskatchewan State to apply for Canadian PR. 

Entrepreneur and Farm Category 

Entrepreneur and Farm Category is the third category that you can find in SINP Canada. This category is dedicated to the individuals who are willing to start their own businesses within Saskatchewan State. In addition, equal opportunity is available for all the people who are willing to go ahead with farming operations within the state as well. 

When you apply for it as an entrepreneur, you will need to invest your money within the state to start a new business. You should also showcase that the business you are going to start is in a position to contribute towards the economic development of the state. Or else, you can partner with an existing business in the province or you can even purchase a business that is currently under operation within the province. 

Then you can find the farm owners’ subcategory. You will have to show that you are going to invest in farming operations in Saskatchewan to obtain your Canadian PR under this category.

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