Nova Scotia PNP for Skilled Professionals via Regional Labour Market Demand Program

Nova Scotia can be considered as a unique province that you can find in Canada. Therefore, people who are looking forward to immigrate to Canada should take a look at the Nova Scotia PNP as well. That’s because going through this immigration program can guarantee to provide you with an amazing and rewarding experience at the end of the day, which you will love. 

What is the Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program?

The Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination program has been designed with the objective of getting more immigrants to come and settle down in the province and contribute towards the development of the province. In here, the Nova Scotia province is interested in attracted skilled professionals, who have precise skills. There is often a shortage for the people with such skills within the Nova Scotia province. Hence, they go ahead and welcome people to apply for the program from other countries of the world. If you are looking forward to becoming a permanent resident in Canada, you need to think of this as an excellent opportunity available out there to consider. 

How to apply for Canada PR under Nova Scotia PNR? 

There are several programs, which you will have to follow when you are going through the Canada immigration process under Nova Scotia PNR. Here is a list of those prominent programs. You need to take a look at this list, and then pick the best program out of them to proceed with the work that you have to do. 

1. Express entry related programs

Most of the people who get into Nova Scotia province via the PNP arrive through express entry linked programs. This is where you need to take a look at the list of occupation in demand. 

According to the express entry program, a pool of candidates will be managed by Federal Skilled Worker Class, Canadian Experience and Federal Skilled Trades class. The people who stay within the pool of Express Entry are ranked based on a score. This rank is given to them depending on their skilled work experience, educational qualifications, age and proficiency in French or English. 

All the express entry candidates who are selected for Nova Scotia PNP will be able to receive an additional number of 600 points. This can boost the CRS that they have. Therefore, they are guaranteed to secure a placement in Canada permanent resident as well. 

You will be able to find three different enhanced programs in Nova Scotia. They include Nova Scotia Demand, Nova Scotia Experience and Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities. According to the Nova Scotia Demand, people who have appropriate work experiences are considered. Likewise, Nova Scotia Priorities considers people who have experience in working for early childhood assistants and educators. Nova Scotia considers highly skilled individuals, who will work in Nova Scotia. 

2. Base programs

Apart from express entry related programs, you can also find base programs, which allow people to come and settle down in Nova Scotia. According to the base program, you will be able to find physicians, skilled workers, and occupations in demand. 

As peer the skilled worker program, it is targeting the foreign workers who are eligible and who have recently obtained graduation along with a job offer in Nova Scotia. On the other hand, the skilled worker program is issuing nominations via three different categories. They include low skilled, semi-skilled and skilled. 

You can also take a look at the occupations in demand program, which was introduced with the objective of targeting the eligible candidates, who have a job offer in Nova Scotia. 

3. Entrepreneur program

You can then find the entrepreneur program as well. People who want to come via Canada immigration process will be able to proceed via the provincial nominee program for entrepreneur if they can portray sufficient skills and capabilities. 

In the entrepreneur program, you will be able to find two different sub-programs. They include the entrepreneur program and international graduate entrepreneur. 

Out of these two sub-programs, the entrepreneur program has been designed for individuals who are looking forward to starting a new business within Nova Scotia. They will have to start a new business in Nova Scotia or purchase an existing business in Nova Scotia and contribute towards it. After you get the PR card, you will have to stay in Nova Scotia and work for the business as a full-time job. 

Then you can find the international graduate entrepreneur program, which is available for all graduates who have completed at least two years of experience in a recognized university from Nova Scotia along with at least one year of experience in business operations. Then you will be able to apply for PR and come down to settle in Nova Scotia via the PNP program. 

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