Canada Federal Skilled Workers Program Process

 If you are going forward with the Canada permanent resident visa process, you should have a solid understanding of the petition process as well. It can contribute a lot to your ability to refrain from the hassle and frustrating moments in the future. 

In this guide, we will help all people who have dreams to go ahead with Canada immigration by providing useful and important information about the federal skilled worker program petition process. 

Access the submission package 

As the very first step, you will need to access the submission package. This contains all the instructions on how you should fill out the form. You need to carefully go through this manual and get assistance with filling out the forms accordingly. 

You will need to use your computer and fill out the form. You need to make sure that you are thorough with the process when getting the job done as well. 

  • You should first authenticate the General Application Form, which can be found online. Then you can press on the validate button and it will draw out all the fields that you must have mistakenly overlooked in red color. 
  • You should then take a print out of the page that has the bar code. 
  • You need to enter the signature when you are asked to do it. 
  • You need to take the barcode page along with the submission. 
  • You will also have to print all the additional forms and leave the signature if asked. 

You will need to make sure that you are completing the form 100% and with the right outcome. It is also important for you to make sure that you fill out all the forms as needed in the application. You can get the most out of the document checklist and make sure that you don’t ignore anything. 

How to shell out the petition charges 

There are some payments that you will need to make. It includes the processing charge for the applicant and the family members. You need to make sure that you include information of all people whom you are accompanying to Canada at the time of completing the application. You must carefully go through the fee list and determine how much you will have to pay for them.

Then you need to focus on the right of permanent residence charges. You will need to give the charge if the petition is endorsed. It would cover you as well as your spouse and dependents when they are living with you. You will need to pay this before you are provided with a Permanent Residency Visa in Canada. Then you will be able to go ahead and get it back at the time of withdrawing the submission or where you fail to use the permit. 

You will also have to make payments to a few other third-party entities. They include the payment given for the police certificate, medical examination, educational credential assessment, testing for language and visa application fees. 

You will also have to complete the Fee Payment Form, which is IMM 5620 along with the petition. As of now, online payments that are made by qualified employees will not be accepted. 

Presenting the completed petition 

Now you have come to the final step, where you go ahead and present the completed petition. Before you do that, you need to go through the petition again and make sure that everything is in proper order. For example, you will need to check and ensure that you have entered a signature on all the submission forms. Then you need to check if you are taking in all the processing charges. You should also take in all the supporting documents and certificates as well. 

If you fail to adhere to the process of if you miss out on anything, the submission you make will be returned to you. Therefore, you will need to go through the petition again, correct all the mistakes and resubmit again. You need to make sure that you are employing a document checklist at the time of filing the petition. Then you can make sure that you will not miss out on anything at the time of completing. 

You will need to authenticate the general application form online. You must press on the Validate button and make sure that you don’t leave any red-colored fields. You should then print the barcode page. The barcode page should then be taken with the submission. Then you will be able to mail the petition along with charges to the centralized intake office. You should also be careful not to send the petition to visa administrative center, which is in the home country. Most of people do this mistake and you should be aware of it.

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